Smart Lock

Smart lock refers to a lock that is more intelligent than the traditional mechanical locks in terms of user identification, security and management.
◆ Unlock authentication methods: fingerprint, password, mechanical key, card swiping, remote control, APP
◆Fingerprint Sensor Type: Semiconductor
◆Emergency power supply type: Micro USB charging
◆Fingerprint image acquisition time: <0.25s
◆Fingerprint comparison: <0.5s
◆Password input: anti-peeping input
◆Fingerprint false recognition rate (FRR):<0.001%
◆Fingerprint rejection rate (FRR):<0.01%
◆Rated voltage: DC 6V
◆Current power consumption: average standby current<60μA
◆Battery: No.5 battery/DC7.4V (special lithium battery)
Fully automatic smart lock
Semi-automatic smart lock


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